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About Us

     Located 70 miles southwest of Pittsburgh, PA in rural Wheeling WV, R.U.Kind Kennel is dedicated to the conscientious promotion of the extraordinary Leonberger.

     Our journey began in 2012 when a search for an “all round” farm dog lead us to the Leonberger.  We wanted a dog who was confident, intelligent, yet friendly and gentle.  One who could be protective, yet welcome visitors.  One who was light footed and accepting of our small herd of goats, chickens and other assorted farm animals and frequent guests.  One who could be my work companion, and learn wheelchair etiquette.  All roads lead to the Leonberger.

     Our blessing came when I met Ann Rogers of Cherrywood kennel.  Ann’s experience in breeding Leonbergers is held in the highest regard. She is a wealth of knowledge, and she has become my mentor and friend.  With Ann’s guidance we successfully delivered our litter “A”in July of 2019.

     As with our “A” litter and every subsequent breeding, our priority is the continuation and promotion of good genetic structure.  All dogs and bitches will have successfully completed genetic testing per the LCA guidelines and each breeding pair is evaluated with the intention of passing on positive traits and minimizing potential problems.  The personality of the match is also considered.  Leonbergers are known as “Gentle Giants”, we believe good breeding practices and early environmental experience are imperative in maintaining this quality.

     As a breeder, I believe it is my duty to continue my education and knowledge.  I rely on research, input from our mentors, other breeders, and our puppy owners.

Proud Member of the Leonberger Club of America

LCA Breeder in Good Standing

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